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Effect output not working after module installation
I just modded my Mel9 with an x9 module and there’s no sound coming out from the Effect output (the Dry output works fine). The module powers correctly. All 4 potentiometers values are read by the module, when I turn them the value is displayed on the module’s screen (from 0 to 127 for all 4 pots). I checked all solder joints for continuity on both side of the PCB and they are all properly connected. Pin 1 of each potentiometer reads 3.3 V and the voltage coming out from the wipers match the voltage (±0.02 V) coming back from the module to the corresponding solder pad.
The only thing I noted that was different to my expectations is the LED on the PCB lights up only when the module’s On button light is off.

Any help would be very appreciated! Smile

I reverted back a few steps of the module installation and it seems that the parts of the module replacing the bypass switch and the program selector don't work properly.
I've had to put the pedal back to its original state because I will need it for writing sessions over the weekend. The pedal works perfectly fine now but I had to re-house it in another box since the module is tapped to the front of the original enclosure.
I still want to be able to use the midi module so any help would be greatly appreciated!

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