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How to control POG2 together with other MIDI device?
Q: (Hrafnkell, Island) Hi, I just installed the MIDI unit but I'm having some trouble getting it to work. Before I go over my soldering job to check if that's where the problem might lie I was wondering if you could tell me about this MIDIConfig application you link to on your website. Is that something you have to do for all new MIDI module units or is it just a convenient MIDI editor? My midi controller is a Boss ES-8 and from there I run the MIDI signal to a Boss DD-500 and from there to the POG2. This is my first time using 2 midi controllable pedals at the same time, do I need to set the first pedal to THRU? I'm not quite sure what that means.

A: (Microdesignum) Hi, does your POG2 MIDI module work correctly when it is controlled directly by your Boss ES-8? It should respond on PROGRAM CHANGE messages in range 1-8 (or another number for switch off a preset) on MIDI channel 1, by default.
It is not necessary to use the the MIDIConfig application if the default settings suit to you. If you would like to change the MIDI channel or use the CONTROL CHANGE messages instead of PROGRAM CHANGE, it is necessary to use the MIDIConfig application.

Q: Hi I figured out the problem, I accidentally switched the midi input/output, so I just switched them back and the MIDI started working properly. Now I'm just trying to figure out how to send a separate MIDI signal to the POG2, right now it's only responding to the same MIDI signal as the Boss DD-500. But I'm sure that's just some programming issue I've yet to figure out with the Boss ES-8.

A: You can address each device by MIDI channel.
1) The POG2 receives on channel 1 by default. If it is easier, you can set your Boss DD-500 on channel 2.
2) If not, let Boss DD-500 receive on channel 1 and you can use the MIDIConfig application for configuring the POG2 mod for receiving on channel 2.
Then, in the first case, you can send MIDI messages for POG2 on channel 1 and for DD-500 on channel 2.

In the second case, vice versa.

Q: That's what I ended up doing since I didn't have a midi usb interface. It was a bit of a hassle to reprogram the DD 500 but its all working as intended now Smile

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