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POG 2 MIDI Module Not Working
Hey guys, hope you're well in the middle of this! I just installed the MIDI mod for my POG 2 and connected it to my RJM Mastermind PBC. I set it on channel 1, made some presets and gave it a try. The MIDI signal went through fine and worked on my Strymon TimeLine and Big Sky, but the POG 2 didn't follow the PC commands, instead sticking with one preset and the Preset switch constantly off, except for my Global Preset on the Mastermind, which set the Preset switch on in the POG 2. I resoldered the connections but got the same results. I still need to try different MIDI settings on my Mastermind, though my other pedals work fine. Any idea how I could get it to work and if you had to tweak the Mastermind general MIDI settings to fix this?

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