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Manual for MIDI Piccolo 2F1D Rosso (discontinued)
The MIDI controller MIDI Piccolo 2F1D Rosso is discontinued, it was replaced by a newer model MIDI Piccolo 2F1D.
[Image: MIDI-Piccolo2F1D-Rosso_400x400.jpg]

This MIDI controller allows the following settings:

Channel select
Hold down the left button ←Program Change when you turn the MIDI controller on. The display shows C 1 (default Channel 1). Press the ←Program Change→ footswitches for selecting the MIDI channel (1-16) on which the controller sends MIDI data. Finally, switch the controller off and on again.

Range select
Hold down the right button Program Change→ when you turn the MIDI controller on. The display shows 128 (the maximal range 1 - 128 is default). Using footswitches ←Program Change→ set the maximum program number that the controller sends (2 - 128). For example, if you use only programs 1 - 10 in your multieffect, set number 10. Finally, switch the controller off and on again.
When you hold the Program Change[b]→ [/b]button in standard mode then, the controller gradually sends the increasing program number and simultaneously it shows it on the display up to the selected number, for example 10.

Program number format
The MIDI command PROGRAM CHANGE is usually displayed in the user format in the range 1 to 128. Some devices, however, use the values in the technical format in the range from 0 to 127. Depending on how your controlled device works (amplifier, multieffect etc.), you can change the display format. Hold down both the left and the right footswitches and turn the MIDI controller on. The display shows 128, which means that the values of PROGRAM CHANGE are displayed in the user format - from 1 to 128. Use the ←Program Change→ footswitches for selecting technical, or user display format of program number. When the technical format is selected, the display shows the value 127. Finally, turn the controller off and on again.

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