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Kemper profiler switch 2 ways connected to midi grande as expression pedal
Hi all, I am looking to add a Kemper switch to my set up and would like to know if it can connected to the midi grande rather than on the expression pedal 1 of the Kemper. Any experience users on this and on how it should be set?

Hi Pat,
if you didn't use the expression inputs till now, it can be utilized. Some Y-cable would be necesary. Depending on the type of the footswitches, the connection can be made like this:
[Image: MIDI-Grande-Expression-connector.png]
I am not sure whether the footswitches on the Kemper switch are double pole, or single pole.
If it is double pole, it means that it has 2 stable positions - on and off. It is better for most stompboxes that are active for longer time.
If it is single pole, it means that it has only 1 stable position - off; and on is active only when it is pressed. It can be used for tap tempo or harmonizer.

Maybe tech support of the switch knows which type it is.

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