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How to control digital mix Behringer XR18 by MIDI Grande 6F1D?
Q (Andy, the UK): I need some help programing the pedal. What I want to control is snapshots, faders and mutes on my XR18. So say for instance I want to set snapshot 1 to bank 4/switch 1. How would I do that. Fader 1 which is CC#0  on the XR18. I would like to adjust the level now I know the level is a value  from 0 - 127  but how do I program that on the pedal?

A: First think how would you like to use the registers (footswitches) to control your XR18. Some MIDI Grande users use it as each bank (of MIDI controller) for each audio channel (of mix), ie. bank 1 controls input channel 1, bank 2 controls input channel 2 etc. ... bank 17 controls Aux Line In (17-18).

Or snapshot-based layout is also possible. For example, Regster 1 will be configured for PROGRAM CHANGEs to recall snapshots and registers 2, 3 and 4 will be for MUTEs of some input channels in each bank.

Also, would you like to use expression pedals to control faders? Or would you like to use fixed values programmed on registers (footswitches)?

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