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Program change commands
I am using the 8IFD pedal to control my synth bass system and am experiencing problems with Program numbers and Midi thru data...

Here is the routing as of now:

Micro 8IFD (OUT)>> (IN) AXON AX 100 Midi guitar module (THRU) >> Mac Mini/Mainstage

That part is simple enough but I have to also run:

AXON AX 100 (OUT) >>> (IN) 2nd Midi interface to capture the Note values from AXON to trigger virtual synths.

The problem is when I run the AXON OUT to get midi notes it renders all of the program changes unusable, and no Program changes work.  I am also seeing a CC message on a midi monitor which says:  123 All Notes Off which is being sent on ALL MIDI CHANNELS!

SO somehow the AXON is triggering this but only when hooked up as described above.

When I remove the AXON OUT that error disappears but I still have incorrect Program changes.

Do I need to disable some SxsEx settings in the AXON or is there something in the Micro 8IFD I can set to correct this?

I have tried a number of different midi routings but no matter what I am left with at least one of the two results as stated above.  I even purchased an active midi splitter to run separate lines from the Micro pedal but no luck.

When I use this wiring with my hopefully soon to be retired Behringer FCB1010 pedal everything works flawlessly...

Any insights anyone may have would be greatly appreciated!

Hi sithbass,
it looks that your AXON receives data incorrectly and it responds on it by sending soft reset messages on all channels.

Please try these tips:
  • Try to capture what MIDI messages MIDI Grande sends when it is connected directly only to your MIDI monitor. MIDI OX is a good program for it.
  • Try to use another supply adapter than that was included in the package, especially if you live in the USA. The included adapter is certified also for 110V input voltage but maybe it can be randomly a bad piece that gives lower output voltage.
  • Try to use another MIDI cable. Maybe also a ground loop can cause the incorrect reception. If possible, use the cable that doesn't have pin 2 (middle) connected on the side of receiving device (MIDI IN). The shielding should be connected on pin 2 only on the side of transmitting device (MIDI OUT of MIDI Grande).
  • Try to hook up this MIDI chain to revitalize the signal from MIDI Grande: MIDI Grande (OUT) -> (IN) splitter (OUT) -> (IN) AXON
The range of the displayed program number can be set this way:
  • Press and hold Edit/Save button for cca 5 seconds.
  • Press the Param> button until the display shows P128. It means that that the programs are displayed in range 1-128 (user format).
  • Press the <Value button , the display shows P127. It means that the programs will be displayed in range 0-127 (technical format).
  • Press shortly Edit/Save button.

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