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Program and Stompbox mode to control Kemper Profiler
How to lay out the registers of MIDI Grande 10F1D to control Kemper Profiler?

Q (Nicholas, US): My first idea was A and B would be program mode. A.1 would be one amp profile, then A.2 another profile. And B.1 one amp for my second guitar, B.2 another amp for my second guitar. Then 1-6 would control the effects that are a part of which ever amp (A.1, A.2, B.1, or B.2) that I have selected. (Is that possible?)

A (Microdesignum): Yes, it's possible. There is one important thing: all registers are bank-based. Let's suppose that you globally configure registers 1-6 to stompbox mode and registers A-B to program mode. Then you change programs using registers A and B. But id doesn't afect the registers 1-6. They still hold their status (red or green) independetly on the program selected.

Q (Nicholas): Next, my thought for 1-6 was to use them in program mode so that 1.1 could be a distortion, and 1.2 could be that distortion with a boost, for more gain... but now I see you can’t switch program mode off?

A (Microdesignum): Program or stompbox (or other) mode of each register is assigned globally. It is not possible to change it other way.

Q (Nicholas): So it’s only between 1.1 then 1.2 then 1.1. So I would never be able to go clean?

A (Microdesignum): You can program clean on other register. Also, a user of MIDI Grande "Ejay" found a way how to control 4 presets on Kemper by one register using morphing:

Q (Nicholas): Also I see if I am on 1.1 but then click 2.1, 1.1 is turned off, so I wouldn’t be able to stack distortion pedals, unless I use 1-6 in stompbox mode.

A (Microdesignum): Yes, such works the program mode.

Q (Nicholas): But then I have 6-8 effects I’d like to switch on and off but only 6 switches. I was also hoping to use , say 5.1 for tremolo then 5.2 for tremolo plus reverb; and the same idea for 6.1 and 6.2 with delay (first layer delay, then second delay plus reverb). So if that is not possible I must use stomp boxes mode.

A (Microdesignum): It is possible independently on program or stompbox mode of each register. You can program up to 8 MIDI messages on each layer. So you can control up to 8 devices, each on other MIDI channel, or up to 8 stompboxes of single device, all on the same MIDI channel. Or something between these two variants.
For this purpose it would be better to configure these registers to stompbox mode rather than program mode.

Q (Nicholas): Then let me ask this, if I use stomp box mode can I activate multiple effects with one click? Like 5 could turn on tremolo and reverb and 6 could turn on delay and reverb? Or do the defeat the other selections; could I stack multiple switches, in reference to my distortions. Like have 1,2, and 3 all on the add delay on top of the distortion by adding button 6?

A (Microdesignum): If you address the stompboxes using their CONTROL CHANGE messages, they don't defeat other stompboxes. If you switch program on your kemper Profiler using PROGRAM CHANGE message, the stompboxes on your Profiler set to their default state. Unless they are locked. Then the changes of program doesn't affect them I think.

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