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MIDI Grande and Fractal Axe FX II
How can I set up my fractal axe fxII with midigrande to set the scenes on different presets?
Another question from Paul: Is it possible to use the footswitches on the MIDI Grande to select Scenes on the Fractal Audio Axe-Fx?  This would require sending specific values of MIDI Continuous Control #34. Each Axe-Fx preset can have up to 8 Scenes, so I would want to be able to configure 8 of the footswitches on the MIDI Grande to each send the appropriate value for MIDI Continuous Control #34  to select Scenes 1 - 8 (a value of 0 = Scene 1, a value of 1 = Scene 2, etc.).  There would be no need for the MIDI Grande's "layers" feature, so would I just program the "Red" and Green" layers to send the same message (for example, MIDI Continuous Control #34 = 2 in order to select Scene 3)?
MIDI Grande sends PROGRAM CHANGE messages by default but it is very easy to globally reconfigure it for CONTROL CHANGE (Continuous Control) messages.

The same MIDI message can be programmed on both red and green layer of each register (footswitch).

If you would like to use all 8 scenes in each bank, MIDI Grande 10F1D would be suitable for you.

Or, using the 2-layers feature, MIDI Grande 6F1D could also control all 8 scenes in each bank.

The controllers are usually in stock or available in few days.
How to globally configure MIDI Grande for CC messages in program mode:
  • Press and gold the Edit/Save button for cca 5 seconds. The display shows: GLOB. You are in the global settings mode.
  • When you release the button, the display shows: 1 PC. The first command (out of 8) is PROGRAM CHANGE - PC.
  • Press the Value> button once. The display shows: 1 CC. You have set the first command to CONTROL CHANGE - CC.
  • Press shortly the Edit/Save button.
How to set the program mode:
  • The program mode is default on all registers so no other setting are necessary.
How to set a register for switching a scene:
  • Press the register that you want to program, for example in the first bankregister 4, green (second) layer. The display shows: 14-2.
  • Press shortly Edit/Save button. You are in layer edit mode. The display shows: 1  0 and the dot CC is lit. You are editing the first command, it is CC and its number is 0.
  • Press the Value> (or <Value) button until the display shows 1 34. The CC#34 if used for scenes switching on Axe-FX 2.
  • Press the Param> button. The display shows: 1  0 and the dots CC and Value are lit. You are editing the value of the CC#34.
  • Use the Value> button to set the desired scene number, for example: 1  6 for scene 6.
  • Press shortly the Edit/Save button.
You have programmed switching on scene 6 on the green layer of register 4 in the first bank.

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