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Can MIDI Grande access all of 384 banks of Axe-FX?
Q: The Axe-Fx has 384 presets, do you know If I can navigate all of them? There is what the manual states:
The Axe-Fx contains memory for 384 presets. From a MIDI standpoint these presets are arranged in 3 banks of 128 each. To recall presets above 127 your MIDI device must be capable of transmitting a MIDI Bank Select Coarse controller message (controller #0). The value of this message selects the bank (0 - 2). Subsequent MIDI Program Change messages access programs from the selected bank.
All I want to do is to access any preset to the register in the MIDI Grande.

A: The meaning of a word "bank" of MIDI Grande (32 sets of settings of registers) is another than the bank of programs of Axe-FX (3 banks of 128 programs). But regardless of how many banks it has, MIDI Grande allows to programm combined CONTROL CHANGE (CC) and PROGRAM CHANGE (PC) messages on each layer. So you will be able to recall any of the 384 presets by single pressing of a register (footswitch).

Generally, when a receiving device has more banks, ie. it uses CC#0 or CC#31 for banks switching, then the bank number must always be sent first. Then has to be sent the program number (PC) within the selected bank.

So for example, you can globally configure MIDI Grande so that the 1st command will always be CC on channel 1 and the 2nd command will always be PC on channel 1. (Up to 8 commands can be globally enabled, but for this purpose only 2 commands are sufficient to put together the desired MIDI message).
Then programming of each layer is simple:
  • Command 1: select the bank as a value of CC#0 and
  • Command 2: select the program number. It's all.

Moreover, MIDI Grande controller supports bidirectional communication with Axe-FX. So it can visualize the tuner results as you can see on the video when it is connected with Kemper Profiler.

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