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Midi Grande preset with stompbox different "scene"
Hi everyone.

I would to know if with the midi Grande 10F1D I can set presets with different "stompboxes scene".

For example: if I have 3 registers (button 1-2-3) and 3 stompboxes (button 4-5-6), can I program the preset 1 (or register on button 1) with stompbox at button 4 set off and stompboxes at button 4-5 set on, and the preset 2 (or register on button 2) with stompbox at button 4 set on and stompboxes at button 4-5 set off?
I want to use midi Grande with Gmajor2, and on the stompboxes assign for example modulation, pitch and delay. So at preset 1 I've got modulation on and when i turn on preset 2 I've got pitch and delay on, so the midi grande show me the gmajor effect status.
Sorry for my bad english.........


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Hi Mr.Brownstone,
I understand but at this time it is not possible. The status of stompboxes is bank-based, not register-based. All stompboxes begin in red layer, that is usually programmed as off.
Good idea for future development, thanks!

Currently only Kemper Profiler allows to read the status of stompboxes via MIDI and it is implemented on MIDI Grande - it reads the status and sets the stompboxes on/off when it is connected to Kemper Profiler. No other guitar processor doesn't allow to read the status of its stompboxes.

MIDI Grande supports the visualisation of tuner when it is connected with G-Major 2.

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