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  Changing the Bank page buttons / tuner functionality
Posted by: f2bacon - 03-15-2018, 06:48 AM - Forum: MIDI Grande - Replies (4)

I just got my 6F1D plus.
Is it possible to change the bank page registers/buttons to be PCs? I'd prefer to have 6 usable registers, than have 4 usable registers and 2 bank change registers
When I hit either bank register, and edit, it goes to edit the register pressed before the bank register.
Thanks for any info!

Edit; I'm a little confused with tuner functionality with the axe fx. The only way I've gotten this to work is my holding Register page left to activate mute mode, and then manually pushing the tuner button on my axe fx.
Maybe I'm not properly assigning the CC, because when I assign a register to cc15, it just pulls up my 15th patch. If I can't edit the top 2 registers, then my plan would be to have 3 registers for patch changing, the 4th register being a tuner toggle, and never use the upper 2 registers. Any info is greatly appreciated!

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  POG2 Module No Longer Working
Posted by: overpwredbyfunk - 03-14-2018, 12:30 AM - Forum: MIDI modules - Replies (1)

Greetings friends! I rearranged the pedals on my board, and now the POG2 module doesn't work. When I send PC commands to the pedal instead of going through the presets, it looks like it's changing the preset toggle (left switch) on or off and sometimes the Dry FX light goes on or off. 

Any suggestions? I'd love to get it working again.

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  Program and Stompbox mode to control Kemper Profiler
Posted by: Microdesignum - 01-25-2018, 10:16 PM - Forum: MIDI Grande - No Replies

How to lay out the registers of MIDI Grande 10F1D to control Kemper Profiler?

Q (Nicholas, US): My first idea was A and B would be program mode. A.1 would be one amp profile, then A.2 another profile. And B.1 one amp for my second guitar, B.2 another amp for my second guitar. Then 1-6 would control the effects that are a part of which ever amp (A.1, A.2, B.1, or B.2) that I have selected. (Is that possible?)

A (Microdesignum): Yes, it's possible. There is one important thing: all registers are bank-based. Let's suppose that you globally configure registers 1-6 to stompbox mode and registers A-B to program mode. Then you change programs using registers A and B. But id doesn't afect the registers 1-6. They still hold their status (red or green) independetly on the program selected.

Q (Nicholas): Next, my thought for 1-6 was to use them in program mode so that 1.1 could be a distortion, and 1.2 could be that distortion with a boost, for more gain... but now I see you can’t switch program mode off?

A (Microdesignum): Program or stompbox (or other) mode of each register is assigned globally. It is not possible to change it other way.

Q (Nicholas): So it’s only between 1.1 then 1.2 then 1.1. So I would never be able to go clean?

A (Microdesignum): You can program clean on other register. Also, a user of MIDI Grande "Ejay" found a way how to control 4 presets on Kemper by one register using morphing: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index..../25173397/

Q (Nicholas): Also I see if I am on 1.1 but then click 2.1, 1.1 is turned off, so I wouldn’t be able to stack distortion pedals, unless I use 1-6 in stompbox mode.

A (Microdesignum): Yes, such works the program mode.

Q (Nicholas): But then I have 6-8 effects I’d like to switch on and off but only 6 switches. I was also hoping to use , say 5.1 for tremolo then 5.2 for tremolo plus reverb; and the same idea for 6.1 and 6.2 with delay (first layer delay, then second delay plus reverb). So if that is not possible I must use stomp boxes mode.

A (Microdesignum): It is possible independently on program or stompbox mode of each register. You can program up to 8 MIDI messages on each layer. So you can control up to 8 devices, each on other MIDI channel, or up to 8 stompboxes of single device, all on the same MIDI channel. Or something between these two variants.
For this purpose it would be better to configure these registers to stompbox mode rather than program mode.

Q (Nicholas): Then let me ask this, if I use stomp box mode can I activate multiple effects with one click? Like 5 could turn on tremolo and reverb and 6 could turn on delay and reverb? Or do the defeat the other selections; could I stack multiple switches, in reference to my distortions. Like have 1,2, and 3 all on the add delay on top of the distortion by adding button 6?

A (Microdesignum): If you address the stompboxes using their CONTROL CHANGE messages, they don't defeat other stompboxes. If you switch program on your kemper Profiler using PROGRAM CHANGE message, the stompboxes on your Profiler set to their default state. Unless they are locked. Then the changes of program doesn't affect them I think.

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  MIDI Grande tuner setup Kemper
Posted by: Wayfaerer666 - 12-26-2017, 11:04 PM - Forum: MIDI Grande - Replies (1)

Hi guys

Sorry this has probably already been covered somewhere but I couldn't find an answer myself and what I do find has confused me.
I have a gig tomorrow night and whilst my guitar will probably stay in tune, would rather have everything set up incase.

I have the midi grande 8 plus and have followed the youtube video for stomp box mode, i didn't follow video 2 as it seemed irrelevant for what I wanted to do. 
So far all I need is 3 presets of clean, distortion and lead so nothing overly fancy. However I am confused from reading the manual how I set the tuner to read from the kemper? If I hold down the A button it mutes as expected but no tuner information is shown.

Can someone please help me in layman steps? Tell me what to press in what order and that would be hugely appreciated. I am very new to midi controllers so this all blows my brain a bit but once I have this set I will probably leave it as is for a simple setup.

Thank you


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  MIDI Grande and Fractal Axe FX II
Posted by: matgibson - 12-21-2017, 07:56 AM - Forum: MIDI Grande - Replies (3)

How can I set up my fractal axe fxII with midigrande to set the scenes on different presets?

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  Can MIDI Grande access all of 384 banks of Axe-FX?
Posted by: Microdesignum - 11-27-2017, 10:45 PM - Forum: MIDI Grande - No Replies

Q: The Axe-Fx has 384 presets, do you know If I can navigate all of them? There is what the manual states:
The Axe-Fx contains memory for 384 presets. From a MIDI standpoint these presets are arranged in 3 banks of 128 each. To recall presets above 127 your MIDI device must be capable of transmitting a MIDI Bank Select Coarse controller message (controller #0). The value of this message selects the bank (0 - 2). Subsequent MIDI Program Change messages access programs from the selected bank.
All I want to do is to access any preset to the register in the MIDI Grande.

A: The meaning of a word "bank" of MIDI Grande (32 sets of settings of registers) is another than the bank of programs of Axe-FX (3 banks of 128 programs). But regardless of how many banks it has, MIDI Grande allows to programm combined CONTROL CHANGE (CC) and PROGRAM CHANGE (PC) messages on each layer. So you will be able to recall any of the 384 presets by single pressing of a register (footswitch).

Generally, when a receiving device has more banks, ie. it uses CC#0 or CC#31 for banks switching, then the bank number must always be sent first. Then has to be sent the program number (PC) within the selected bank.

So for example, you can globally configure MIDI Grande so that the 1st command will always be CC on channel 1 and the 2nd command will always be PC on channel 1. (Up to 8 commands can be globally enabled, but for this purpose only 2 commands are sufficient to put together the desired MIDI message).
Then programming of each layer is simple:

  • Command 1: select the bank as a value of CC#0 and
  • Command 2: select the program number. It's all.

Moreover, MIDI Grande controller supports bidirectional communication with Axe-FX. So it can visualize the tuner results as you can see on the video when it is connected with Kemper Profiler.

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  How to switch between two presets by a single button on Kemper Profiler?
Posted by: Microdesignum - 11-09-2017, 03:39 PM - Forum: MIDI Grande - No Replies

Q: Is it possible to switch between two presets by a single footswitch of MIDI Grande 6F1D on Kemper Profiler?

A: Of course, it is possible to switch between two presets. There are 3 ways how to do it.

1) Switch between complete programs on Kemper Profiler. The first and the second press of a register can have programmed another program number. For example, Program 1 is rythm, Program 2 is solo. A register can toggle them by repeated pressing.

2) Or also, it is possible to set some program on first press of a footswitch; and activate one or more stompboxes (for example booster) on second press. On third press it returns to the state with stompboxes switched off. Fourth press activates them again. And so on.Using more commands per each layer on MIDI Grande. It would be more programming on MIDI controller and less programming on Kemper Profiler

3) Using morphing feature of Kemper. It would be less programming on MIDI controller and more programming on Kemper Profiler.

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  How to configure MIDI Grande for controlling Kemper Profiling Amplifier? (video)
Posted by: Microdesignum - 10-21-2017, 07:46 PM - Forum: MIDI Grande - No Replies

Q: How to configure MIDI Grande for controlling Kemper Profiling Amplifier?

A: We will show a configuration example on MIDI Grande 10F1D model. It is similar on other models.

1. Globally configure MIDI Grande:

Send 2 commands per each layer:
Command 1: PC (Program Change)
Command 2: CC (Control Change)

Set the registers:
Registers 1-5: Program (PGM) mode
Registers 6, A and : Stompbox (STO) mode

2. Set the layers in the first bank:
Register 6: Tap tempo - it is controlled by CC#30 on Kemper Profiler
Register A: Reverb - it is controlled by CC#29 on Kemper Profiler
Register B: Delay - it is controlled by CC#27 on Kemper Profiler
Registers 1-5 remain on default settings without changes: PC#1 to PC#5
You also have to assign the rigs on your Kemper Profiler to MIDI programs 1-5.

3. Enable the bidirectional communication:

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  Bank of presets for the Kemper - resolved
Posted by: vitchpat1 - 10-01-2017, 07:26 AM - Forum: MIDI Grande - Replies (7)

Hi There, need some help to set up banks of presets with my Kemper.

I have 24 presets on my kemper that I want to manage with 2 Banks of 12 presets on my midi grande. The 24 presets of on the Kemper are set as Midi program change 1 to 24.

I have set up bank 1 with the first 12 presets whithout issue on the MG but as soon as I am setting up preset 1 and 2 of the bank 2, the preset 11 and 12 of the bank 1 are not retrieving the proper midi assignement event if it is still properly set on both Kemper and MG.

Thanks for your help

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  Setting button A and B
Posted by: Mr.Brownstone - 09-29-2017, 02:49 PM - Forum: MIDI Grande - Replies (3)

Can I use button A and B like stompboxes?

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