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Full Version: Send CC with classical midi controler
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I need to send CC messages form a classical midi controler (a DMC Micro from Disaster Area).
The DMC Micro works in preset mod (as I need this to send messages to other midi effects), and I need to send CC messages to a Bloom V2 from jackson audio.

List of CC mesages are :
CC #1 – COMP ON/OFF (value of 127 = ON /value of 0 = OFF)

CC #2 – EQ ON/OFF (value of 127 = ON /value of 0 = OFF)
CC #3 – BOOST ON/OFF (value of 127 = ON /value of 0 = OFF)
CC #4 – midiBoost ON/OFF (value of 127 = ON /value of 0 = OFF)
– midiBoost determines what has control over the boost level; midi or the bloom knob on the pedal.
CC #5 – midiBoost expression (value of 0-127)
– midiBoost expression determines the boost level. This can be either a set value or can be expressed via a MIDI expression pedal.

For eah preset of the DMC Micro (preset 0 to 99), I need to be able to program which CC messages (from the list) will be send to the Bloom V2 (CC number and value).

To be honest I don't know what is the kind of box I need to do this. Is it feasable? Allready exists in standard list of products that are proposed via the site?

Thank you for your help.