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Banks and slots browsing in Kemper Profiling Amplifier
If you are the owner of Kemper Profiling Amplifier (KPA) and you want to browse banks and slots in Performance mode synchronized with banks and registers in MIDI Grande, make the following settings:
  • Set globally:
    • CC#49 on footswitch <Bank
    • CC#48 on footswitch Bank>
    • Channel number CC Mute on the same channe that KPA uses (usually 1)
  • Set on particular registers (you can use layers copying using Save As function):
    • CC#50 on register 1
    • CC#51 on register 2
    • CC#52 on register 3
    • CC#53 on register 4 (if you have model MIDI Grande 6F1D or higher)
    • CC#54 on register 5 (if you have model MIDI Grande 8F1D or higher)
Now you can browse bank and slots as on the video:

At this time, this function is only unidirectional, that means that bank number in MIDI Grande isn't synchronised retroactively with the bank number in KPA, therefore at some circumstances it can be desynchronised. For example, if you press and hold Bank> footswitch, after a while both number go up, but each in another speed.

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