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Midi Grande on Axe-Fx Standard. - Necrosis06 - 11-04-2018

Help! I just purchased a Midi Grande 10F1D to use with my Axe-Fx Standard. I have however little information on how to set up the Axe-Fx/Midi Grande to communicate. I cannot get the Midi Grande to change scenes. I have searched this forum, and found a post where i was to set it to #34 (Which i have tried, i have also tried 24, which seems to be this paramater on my Axe-Fx). I have also set the Grande to send in CC! I have configured 1 to send a CC value of 0, and nothing changes. I have tried different values and different setting but nothing seems to work.

Does anyone know of any good tutorials or perhaps a way to fix this? This is probably just me not understanding my gear, but i want to learn.

RE: Midi Grande on Axe-Fx Standard. - Microdesignum - 11-05-2018

Hi Eric, can you please post a link to the manual for your model of Axe-FX?